The covered parking area includes 15 electric car charging stations and more than 1,600 solar panels, reducing the “heat island” effect, and providing more than 480,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually.

American Public University System - Academic and Finance Centers

Ranson and Charles Town, WV

Revitalizing Abandoned Brownfield Sites

Owned by American Public Education, Inc., the American Public University System (APUS) is a for-profit, online learning institution of higher education, composed of the American Military University and the American Public University.

To provide more office and meeting space, we designed the site work for APUS' new 45,000-square-foot academic center, as well as the 105,000-square-foot finance center. Both facilities were designed for LEED® Gold certification and support 100,000+ online students worldwide. The academic center also houses approximately 140 faculty and staff, while the finance center houses more than 400 staff members.

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electric car charging stations


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LEED Gold®

certified academic center


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Ranson and Charles Town, WV

Completion Date

Academic Center - 2010 Finance Center - 2012


American Public University System


Designed LEED® Gold (academic center)
Targeted LEED-Gold (finance center)

Square Footage

45,000 SF (academic center)
105,000 SF (finance center)


Largest solar array in WV (finance center)
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