• December 2019 | Journal AWWA

    Assessment of Bromide in Three North Carolina Watersheds

    Amber Greune

    Project Manager Amber Greune shares findings from municipal and industrial wastewater discharge samples taken from three North Carolina watersheds. One of the primary objectives of the assessment was to evaluate the potentially harmful presence of disinfection byproducts, also known as DBPs.

    Courtesy of Journal AWWA

  • 2nd Quarter 2019 | Climate Change Business Journal

    Dewberry Sees Metropolitan Areas Leading Growth for Climate Adaptation & Resiliency Practice

    Jane Frantz and Mathew Mampara
    Associate Vice Presidents Jane Frantz and Mathew Mampara forecast the growth of the resilience and climate change markets in this Climate Change Business Journal Q&A. 
    Courtesy Climate Change Business Journal 
  • April 2019 | xyHt Magazine

    Mapping Alaska with IFSAR

    Dave Maune

    Dr. Dave Maune discusses mapping the state of Alaska to National Map Accuracy Standards for the first time using advanced mapping technology including interferometric synthetic aperture radar (IFSAR). In his article, he outlines how Dewberry identified and overcame existing mapping challenges, walks through the steps of project execution, and shares the project’s mapping results. 

  • January 2019 | Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing

    An Interview with Dr. David F. Maune

    Dr. David Maune discusses what he learned from his years of active duty in the U.S. Army, his motivation behind editing “Digital Elevation Model Technologies and Applications: The DEM Users Manual,” as well as progress made in recent digital elevation models.  The article also includes chapter-by-chapter descriptions of “The DEM Users Manual.” 

    Courtesy Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing

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  • November-December 2018 | Retrofit Magazine

    Changing with the Times

    Dodie Hudson and Larry Hasson

    Dodie Hudson and Larry Hasson share the storied history and unique design approach behind the renovated River District Tower in Danville, Virginia. 

    Courtesy Retrofit Magazine

  • November/December 2018 | Engineering Inc. Magazine

    Planning Today for Tomorrow’s Disasters

    Ted Van Kirk

    Ted Van Kirk discusses developing mitigation strategies to prepare communities for the increasing amount of natural disasters.

    Courtesy Engineering Inc. Magazine

  • November 2018 | ASHRAE Journal

    Do OA Economizers Make ‘Cents’ in Hospitals?

    Daniel Koenigshofer and John Roberts

    Daniel Koenigshofer and John Roberts look at the cost effectiveness of OA economizer systems in different climates as well as some of the contributing factors to their ineffectiveness.  

    Courtesy ASHRAE Journal 
  • October 2018 | Civil + Structural Engineer Magazine

    University of Virginia’s Power Partnership Goes Underground

    Devin Keeler

    We are profiled for our work in routing a new underground ductbank throughout the University of Virginia campus to increase the reliability of electrical service to critical health facilities while minimizing installation impacts. 

    Courtesy Civil + Structural Engineer Magazine

  • July/August 2018 | Stormwater Magazine

    Natural Stream Channel Restoration

    Tom Graupensperger

    Tom Graupensperger explains why municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) should be used to reduce stormwater pollution and improve resilience.

    Courtesy ForesterMagazines. Published in the July/August 2018 issue of Stormwater Magazine.

  • June 2018 | CorrectionalNews

    New Addition Expands DeKalb County Jail

    Zach Chouteau
    Dewberry is profiled in joining with DeKalb County officials to celebrate the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly completed DeKalb County Jail expansion in Sycamore, Illinois.

    Courtesy Correctional News
  • June 2018 | Building Operating Management Magazine

    Green Roofs to Smart Glass: Building Envelope Considerations for Sustainable Healthcare

    Maryellen Lo Bosco
    Yvonne Elias discusses building envelope considerations for sustainable healthcare in a recent article for Building Operating Management magazine.

    Courtesy Building Operating Management Magazine
  • June 2018 | Building Operating Management Magazine

    Energy Efficiency Leads New Innovative Approaches to Sustainable Healthcare Design

    Maryellen Lo Bosco
    Dominic Spadafore and Yvonne Elias describe modern energy efficiency design practices and how those practices have influenced sustainable healthcare design in a recent article for Building Operating Management magazine.

    Courtesy Building Operating Management Magazine
  • June 2018 | Building Operating Management Magazine

    How to Focus on Health and Wellness in Sustainable Healthcare Facilities

    Maryellen Lo Bosco
    Building Operating Management magazine takes a look at how health, wellness, and sustainability factor into designing top-notch healthcare facilities, such as the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

    Courtesy Building Operating Management magazine
  • May 2018 | College Planning & Management

    Coe College Athletic and Recreational Complex

    The Coe College Athletic and Recreational Complex is profiled for its transformative renovation expansion project for which Dewberry provided architectural, interior design, and structural engineering support.
  • Spring 2018 | Community Foundation for Northern Virginia

    Committed to Community

    Dewberry is profiled for its commitment to volunteering for local communities in the Spring issue of Good Business, published by the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia. The article highlights Dewberry as a recipient of the gold level Presidential Volunteer Service Award for the more than 1,000 hours of volunteering Dewberry does for communities each year.

    Courtesy Community Foundation for Northern Virginia

  • February 2018 | CorrectionalNews

    Facility of the Month: Advancing the Mental Health Discussion

    Bruce Henley

    With mental health treatment on the rise in the design of correctional facilities, Bruce Henley discusses how the design of the Tulsa County Jail in Oklahoma, meets the needs of inmates across the mental health spectrum.

  • January 2018 | FacilitiesNet

    How To Optimize BAS To Improve Efficiency

    Troy Windom and Janelle H.Griffin

    Troy Windom and Janelle H. Griffin discuss what it means to improve efficiency in building automation systems.

  • January 2018 | Water Resources IMPACT

    FloodCast: A Framework for Enhanced Flood Event Decision Making for Transportation Resilience

    Mat Mampara, Caroline Whitehead, and Alaurah Moss
    Mat Mampara, Caroline Whitehead, and Alaurah Moss discuss "FloodCast," a collaborative project led by a Dewberry research team to improve flood planning and risk management and reduce flooding impacts on transportation infrastructure.

    [The January 2018 Water Resources IMPACT is available for free download at]
  • January 2018 | Consulting-Specifying Engineer

    Sizing Domestic Water Pipes

    Emmett Willis

    In this article, Emmett Willis discusses the value of analyzing local code, available water pressure, fixtures, and a host of other factors when sizing pipes for nonresidential buildings.

  • Winter 2017/2018 | NC Currents

    Advances in Bathymetric Survey Technology

    Timothy Rudolph and Keith Ludwig

    Technology for conducting bathymetric surveys has advanced significantly in recent years. In this article, Timothy Rudolph and Keith Ludwig discuss these advances and how data acquisition can be achieved through safe and accurate measures.

    Courtesy NC Currents