The Keys to a Valuable Internship Experience: The Dewberry Intern Class of 2014

This summer, we invited 50 students from across the country to participate in our internship program, which turned out to be an equal opportunity for both the students and the Dewberry employees who mentored them.

Creating Worthwhile Educational Experiences Through Customization

Work assignments and professional development workshops differed by location and were unique to each offices’ project and client type. Interns were paired with mentors who not only guided their work, but took it upon themselves to customize educationally relevant programs highlighted by hands-on experience.

Our Gainesville, Virginia, office developed a teaching structure that gave its interns at least one full day of surveying exposure at a pre-construction site, an under-construction site, or a finalized project site. This allowed them to watch the interaction between designer, contractor, and client.


Understanding the Business Aspects of a Large Firm

In addition to the technical experience our interns gained under the guidance of their mentors, our offices sought to expose interns to business development and management skills as well as how to cultivate strong client relationships. By sitting in on client meetings the interns were able to see just how much respect and trust goes into relationships that value the client, engender collaboration, and encourage creativity.

What Will Next Summer Hold?

As the program organizer, I’ve consolidated our mentors’ feedback, and will incorporate these practices next year. By the end of next summer, when we say goodbye to the 2015 class of Dewberry interns, I’m sure there will be even more valuable stories I’ll be able to tell.

Dewberry’s Summer 2014 Internship Class By The Numbers

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