As our nation’s water supplies become scarce and in need of protection and our water infrastructure renewal needs increase, we partner with clients to develop sustainable solutions to their water, wastewater, and water resources challenges. Our team of water professionals and technologists provide specialized water supply, distribution and treatment, wastewater infrastructure and treatment, and asset management engineering and consulting services to clients across the nation. In addition, we offer a comprehensive suite of water resources services, from flood hazard analysis, flood risk management, dam safety, and coastal engineering to planning and design of stormwater, water supply, water quality, and green infrastructure facilities.


Our team of water and wastewater specialists has the depth of knowledge and experience to serve our clients’ needs, from field investigation, testing, master planning and conceptual design through detailed design, construction, and commissioning of new or upgraded water and wastewater facilities. Understanding the complexities of this work, we offer a full suite of in-house capabilities for the disciplines and specialty services required to successfully deliver high-quality projects, including:
• Process/mechanical engineering
• Structural engineering
• Site/civil engineering
• Electrical, instrumentation, and controls
• HVAC/mechanical engineering
• Construction management
• Alternative project delivery
• Program management
• Architecture
• Geotechnical
• Surveying
• Permitting
• Environmental 
• Energy assessment and optimization
• Asset management

As a full-service firm, we tailor teams of experts, leveraging the right mix of the above disciplines and specialty services, to partner with our clients and address their challenges in:

Dewberry® Water/Wastewater Services

Water supply and distribution

• Raw and finished water pipelines
• Pipeline rehabilitation and replacement
• Pump stations
• Water storage tanks and reservoirs
• Valves, vaults, and ancillary structures 
• Intake structures
• Trenchless construction
• Water quality analyses
• Master planning and modeling
• Surge/transient analysis and design
• Water well design

Water treatment

• Raw water withdrawal and permitting
• Water quality analysis
• Water treatment process design
• Industrial water treatment
• Pilot testing and treatment optimization
• Facility planning
• Energy optimization
• Upgrade, expansion, and rehabilitation
• Residuals treatment, handling, and disposal

Wastewater infrastructure

• Pump stations and lift stations
• Gravity collection and siphons
• Condition assessment
• Storage and equalization
• Manholes and other structures
• Master planning and modeling
• Capacity, management, operations, and maintenance (CMOM) programs
• Rehabilitation
• Trenchless construction
• Surge/transient analysis and design
• Wet weather, sanitary sewer overflows, combined sewer overflows
• Odor control analysis and design
• Decentralized/community systems

Wastewater treatment

• Wastewater treatment facility design
• Expansion and rehabilitation of existing processes
• Biological process modeling and design
• Biological nutrient removal design
• Industrial wastewater treatment design
• Sampling, lab testing, and treatability analysis
• Cogeneration, codigestion, and energy
• Biosolids handling and design
• Water reuse facility design
• Condition assessment
• Facility planning
• Odor control design
• Treatment process optimization
• Energy assessment and optimization

Asset Management

• Enterprise asset management
• Asset inventory and hierarchy
• Likelihood and consequence of failure
• Gap analysis and business risk exposure
• Asset life cycle analysis
• GIS-based business intelligence tools
• Asset management plans
• National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) defect coding
• Business requirements analysis, Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) selection and implementation
• Renewal and replacement prioritization
• Needs assessments
• Business process analysis
• Technology road maps
• Business analytics and intelligence
• Enterprise information management
• Decision support systems
• Integrated utility management
• Master planning and rate analysis


Our water resources expertise spans from planning to green infrastructure design, with projects supporting land development and transportation activities, as well as municipal, county, and state-wide watershed planning and management plans. With more than 30 years of experience supporting FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program, we are the go-to firm for riverine and coastal flood hazard analysis and mapping, as well as flood risk assessments.

Dewberry® Water Resources Services

Flood hazard analysis

Using the knowledge we've gained from delivering flood hazard modeling (riverine and coastal), mapping, and additional support services for FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) - which includes producing many of the nation's digital flood insurance rate maps - we help clients develop effective solutions to their flood hazard issues.

Flood risk management

Our flood risk evaluation and management services include support in the design and implementation of risk communication strategies tailored to stakeholders' needs through the development of training workshops, collateral materials, and innovative web- and social media-based communication tools designed to increase awareness and understanding of flood risk.

Stormwater management

Our experts develop cost-effective stormwater management and stormwater pollution prevention plans, as well as perform stormwater infrastructure, outfall mapping, and other related work. From reservoir modeling to power generation, we collaborate with clients to develop best-management practice manuals and low-impact development design standards. Our services include industry-leading modeling, capital improvement planning, financial analysis, and stormwater management systems design.

Water supply and management

We help clients meet the growing challenges of water supply, often serving as municipal engineers for a growing number of communities. Our civil and sanitary engineers, hydrogeologists, and planners are skilled in all phases of environmental planning, design, and construction administration. Our water supply experience includes the design of high-yield groundwater supply wells, surface water reservoirs and dams, and off-line storage impoundments.

Water quality

We work closely with regulating agencies, public purveyors of drinking water, publicly owned wastewater treatment facilities, private industry, and academic institutions to develop and implement sustainable, cost-effective policies and infrastructure designed to maintain the quality of our water resources.

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