Dewberry is one of the leading planning and design consultants in the nation for infrastructure projects, including bridge and roadway initiatives, water and wastewater systems, and telecommunications networks. Our experience includes major civil works projects for state and local governments as well as infrastructure development for the U.S. Department of Defense and other federal agencies.

Strengthening Communities

From our earliest days in the 1950s, we have worked with communities to plan and design infrastructure to support urban renewal, suburban growth, and economic development initiatives in small towns and rural areas. Our experience includes roads, bridges, transit systems, stormwater management facilities, dams, water and wastewater projects, industrial parks, and energy-related projects.

Helping Clients Focus Resources

Our collaborative, client-centered approach enables us to offer creative, cost-effective solutions that address stringent budget and schedule parameters, including alternative delivery options. We offer extensive technological resources, such as the latest in 3-D modeling, building information management, and geospatially enabled management tools, to help our clients and their stakeholders visualize project development. Our knowledge of funding sources, regulatory requirements, and bidding climates enables us to help navigate clients through all phases of a project, delivering high value and successful results.

Many communities seek strategies to manage and better prioritize investment in their infrastructure. We offer flexible asset management solutions tailored to our clients’ individual needs—using optimal tools to prioritize construction and more efficiently operate and maintain assets. We also offer sound modernization and cost-efficient renewal and replacement strategies to our clients, helping them focus on getting the most out of their investments.

Strengthening Infrastructure

We work closely with communities to develop and retrofit infrastructure to ensure effectiveness, safety, and long-term resilience. We help clients understand infrastructure vulnerabilities to both natural and man-made hazards, including floods, wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, accidents, and chemical spills. Our expertise includes risk assessments, hazard mitigation planning, adaptation strategies, and real-world solutions to strengthen infrastructure. We integrate sustainable solutions that protect our natural resources and communities, including prudent land use and the latest in green infrastructure strategies.