Dewberry has decades of experience designing inpatient and outpatient facilities and reliable building systems. We offer healthcare clients deep knowledge and practical guidance in this constantly evolving area of practice.

Addressing the Latest Patient Care Trends

We work closely with healthcare administrators, physicians, medical staff, and patients to create patient-centered, healing environments and spaces that support lean, efficient operations. We have designed new hospitals, hospital expansions and retrofits, laboratories, clinics, and medical offices. Our architects, engineers, and technology specialists design warm and comfortable environments that support flexible, streamlined patient services and state-of-the-art care.

The Path to Wellness

Dewberry professionals take pride in offering exceptional, responsive service to our healthcare clients. We fulfill this mission in part by providing a comprehensive range of services, from preliminary planning and concept design to commissioning and post-construction services. Our thoughtful site planning and design services can help facilitate a patient's path to wellness from the moment they visit a healthcare facility. We recognize the value and impact of effective site design, from vehicle and pedestrian circulation to convenient parking, and from healing gardens and walking paths to ponds, patios, and terraces. Our site/civil professionals offer creative and cost-effective design solutions that bridge site design and infrastructure to support patient well-being and healing.

Sustainability Inside and Out

Our design teams not only excel in delivering highly sustainable and efficient facilities but green infrastructure and low-impact site development as well. We assist with site selection as well as a host of strategies to address stormwater management and the conservation of natural resources. Our solutions reduce pollution and minimize construction and maintenance costs. We have designed many healthcare facilities that meet high standards for sustainability, including energy-efficient building systems.

Exceptional Facilities

Our award-winning design and consulting services for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare environments include architecture, interior design, building engineering, technology expertise, and hazard mitigation planning. We understand that healthcare facilities must support the operational, technological, and collaborative requirements of healthcare teams while ensuring uninterrupted patient care, comfort, and safety.

Emergency Preparedness

A deep knowledge of healthcare facilities and operations enables us to not only design state-of-the-art facilities for patient care, but to help plan for continued operations during emergency situations. In the event of a natural or manmade disaster, our plans help hospitals, clinics, senior living centers, and other facilities protect patients and critical supplies, shelter-in-place, or efficiently evacuate as appropriate. We also help plan for safe access to medications, supplies, and equipment during emergencies. Our extensive experience in working with communities to identify regional hazards and develop mitigation strategies enables us assist healthcare providers readily in developing their own detailed plans and coordinating with local agencies and resources.

Engineering Excellence

Our proficiency in engineering systems for healthcare settings enables us to deliver buildings that meet demanding performance requirements. In addition to a full complement of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services, we offer master planning, studies, system analyses, energy audits and commissioning, fire protection system design, building and systems performance modeling, medical gas and vacuum system design, voice and data system design, and central plant design.

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