College Relations

We understand today's graduates are engaged, technically adept, have a global perspective, and bring an unprecedented level of energy to the workplace. Each year we visit high-ranking colleges and universities to recruit new team members who have an intellectual curiosity and the passion to make an impact at Dewberry. We're looking for Dewberry's future—our internship and entry-level career programs are integral to our business strategy and critical to our company's growth.

Gaining On-the-Job Experience: Internships

As a Dewberry intern, you are an important asset to our team. You will take on meaningful work assignments working side-by-side with senior leadership. The program also includes opportunities to network with employees and participate in professional development activities.

Many of our interns return for multiple terms, and we frequently convert top-performing interns to full-time employees after graduation.

Starting Your Career: Entry-Level Positions

You did it! You just graduated with a top-notch degree, and now you're ready to put your experience to work. You have the knowledge and skills to make an impact.  

New entry-level hires receive training and mentorship by our senior staff to further enhance their skills. We accomplish this by placing you on challenging and diverse projects, offering formal training programs, and conducting performance evaluations.

We also encourage employees to enhance their careers both inside and outside of the workplace, through advanced degrees, educational seminars, professional societies, and professional licensure. Check out our benefits page for more information. 

We have developed long-term partnerships with several colleges and universities.

Hear From Our Returning Interns!

William Holthouser, Virginia Tech, Site/Civil, Charlotte, North Carolina

What has been  your favorite project at Dewberry and why?
My favorite project was calculating the impervious area for a children’s daycare playground. I enjoyed making visits to the site, consulting with code authorities, and using satellite imagery to help me with these calculations. I got to see how poor the condition of the playground is currently and loved Dewberry’s role in the redevelopment of the playground. This project allowed me to see the direct impact of my company’s work on the surrounding community.

What makes you continue to return to Dewberry?
I continue to return to Dewberry because of the confidence they have in me. From the very beginning of my internship I was given a significant role in an active project. I loved that I was challenged without being spoon-fed at every step along the way. This allowed me to showcase my skills and push myself, knowing that I had several coworkers I could go to with any questions or help. Being challenged like this improved my problem solving skills significantly and made my experience very valuable. With Dewberry, I am confident that they will make the most use of me as an intern and I will continue developing as an engineer.  
Nathan Nye, University of Connecticut, Building Structures, New York City

What has been  your favorite project at Dewberry and why?

So far the Brooklyn Army Terminal resilience project would be my favorite. I have worked most of the summer on that job and watched it come pretty far. The resilience projects in general are interesting for the fact that a lot of adjustments and criteria need to be met to add the flood barriers, and the way openings have to be changed to prevent water from entering.

What makes you continue to return to Dewberry?
What makes me return to Dewberry is the relationships I have built with people in my department. I love working with the entire NYC office across many projects but the building structures team has been major influence in my path of engineering. I look up to them for what kind of engineer I want to be when I graduate college.


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FAQ and Resources

I am interested in an internship.  How long is the summer internship period?

Our summer internships typically last 11 weeks.

Will you be coming to my university?

Dewberry is going virtual! Check out our career fair schedule to see how to connect with us.

I have applied online. What happens next?

We review all resumes in the order that they were received. You can check the status of your application by logging in here. Should we find your background is a fit for the position, you will be contacted by someone from our recruiting team.

Have additional questions? 

Reach out to us at, and we will be happy to provide additional information.

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