• September 2013 | Consulting Specifying Engineer

    The Art and Science of Mixed-Use Buildings

    Raymond Holdener, PE, participates in a roundtable discussion on engineering mixed-use buildings.

  • September 2013 | Water Quality Products

    Achieving Clean Water in the Amazon - Biosand Filters Improve Water Quality for Indigenous Group

    Gabe Stonebraker

    Gabe Stonebraker discusses his return to a remote community in South America with the goal of assisting them in producing better drinking water.

  • August 2013 | Health Facilities Management

    New ASHRAE Rreference Guides Hospital HVAC Design

    Dan Koenigshofer

    Dewberry's Dan Koenigshofer, P.E., MSPH, HFDP, discusses the recently released second edition of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers' (ASHRAE) HVAC Design Manual for Hospitals and Clinics.

  • August 2013 | The NHWC Transmission

    Communicating Risk

    John Moynier

    Drawing from his own experiences, Dewberry's John Moynier discusses the importance of proper risk communication, as well as the culture and nuances surrounding its effectiveness.

  • August 2013 | Illinois Municipal Review

    Hanover Park Police Headquarters Wins Design Award

    Sandra A. Ammar

    Engineering News-Record magazine recognizes Illinois' new Hanover Park Police headquarters with its Best Government/Public Building Award for the Midwest region. Dewberry provided architectural and engineering services.

    *Reprinted with permission from the August 2013 issue of the Illinois Municipal Review magazine.

  • July 2013 | HCPro

    ASHRAE Updates Guidelines for Healthcare HVAC Systems

    John Palmer

    The American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers has updated it's guidelines for healthcare HVAC systems. The new design manual replaces the 2003 guidelines and emphasizes new minimum standards for HVAC systems and infection control strategies.

  • July 2013 | iBi -

    The Hayden-Clark Alumni Center

    Tom Seymour
    Dewberry's Tom Seymour, AIA, discusses the architectural feats chronicling the pasts of both Bradley University and the city of Peoria itself.
  • July 2013 | Rumbles

    Rueter-Hess Reservoir and WTP Promote Water Conservation and Reuse

    Mike Lutz, Alan Pratt, Jim Nikkel, and James Roche

    Mike Lutz and Alan Pratt team with Jim Nikkel and James Roche of the Parker Water and Sanitization District to discuss how water conservation and reuse are essential elements of the Rueter-Hess Water Purification Facility and reservoir. (C)2013, Rumbles, July. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

  • Summer 2013 | Perspective New Jersey

    Eliminating More Than Traffic Tie-Ups

    Ileana Ivanciu

    Ileana Ivanciu discusses the safety and traffic improvements that came along with the removal of a circa-1920s New Jersey traffic circle.

  • Summer 2013 | Tap Into Virginia

    Virginia Treatment Plant Completes Major Design-Build Upgrades

    Dewberry completes $15 million design-build project in Lorton, Virginia, to reuse wastewater effluent as cooling water for a local power plant, which processes municipal solid waste to produce energy and to provide irrigation water for a local golf course and ball fields.

  • March 2013 | Law Enforcement Technology Magazine

    A Most Realistic Mock Course

    Sara Schreiber

    The Dewberry-designed Virginia State Police Driver Training Complex is discussed.

  • February 2013 | Illinois Library Association, Reporter

    Elgin Community College Renner Academic Library

    Jeff Julian

    Dewberry designed the new Renner Academic Library at Elgin Community College to provide a more appropriate learning environment for students.

  • February 2013 | Illinois Library Association, Reporter

    Schaumburg Township District Library Teen Place

    Susan Miura

    Dewberry designed the new Teen Place area of the Schaumburg Township District Library, which is ten times larger than the previous teen area.

  • February 2013 | Illinois Library Association, Reporter

    White Oak Library District Romeoville Branch

    Scott Pointon

    Dewberry provided a complete renovation of the White Oak Library, Romeoville Branch, including previously unused space in the basement, newly designed children's space, and modernized technology throughout the building.

  • January 2013 | Building Design+Construction

    Trends Report: New Facilities Enhance the Quality of Campus Life

    Sue Bady, Contributing Editor

    Colleges and universities are building state-of-the-art student unions, dining halls, and other non-academic buildings to enrich the campus experience, boost enrollment, and stay competitive. Dewberry's David Huey discusses the Oklahoma State University-Stillwater campus.

  • December 2013 | The American Institute of Architects, Academy of Architecture for Justice Journal

    A New Courthouse Rights Past Transgressions

    James L. Beight, Jae H. Choi

    James Beight and Jae Choi discuss the challenges of designing a new courthouse within Savannah’s world-renowned historical district, which presents special challenges steeped in tradition.

  • November 2012 | Environmental Design + Construction (EDC)

    Civic Spirit


    A police HQ [Alexandria Police Station] in Virginia pays homage to its heritage as well as its sustainable future.

  • November/December 2012 | The Military Engineer (TME)

    With Change Comes Challenge…and Opportunity

    Lt. Col. Neal T. Wright, P.E., PMP, F.SAME, F.ASCE, USA (Ret.)
    "...the architecture, engineering and construction (A/E/C) industry must adapt once again to continue providing essential support to the U.S. armed forces and our nation’s needs. Informed business decisions and the use of innovative tools and techniques will be essential to succeed in this environment—one dictated by a popular refrain: do more with less."
  • September 2012 | iBi -

    Fit for the Environment

    Ray Lees

    Lees discusses sustainability at Illinois Central College.

  • August 2012 | Yale New Haven Center for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response

    Healthcare Facility Shelter-in-Place or Evacuation (Webinar Recording)

    Laurel McGinley, PE, and David Burich, MSN, APRN

    Considerations to make when deciding to shelter-in-place or evacuate healthcare facilities.

    To play a recording of the presentation in its entirety, a WebEx Active X player program will install. This may take a minute or two. If you need assistance with viewing, please contact