• June 2014 | NJAC County Biz

    Passaic County to Replace Century-Old Bridge

    Brian Jecker

    Brian explains the importance of a bridge replacement project involving a 109-year-old New Jersey superstructure originally built to carry pedestrians and horse-drawn carriages.

  • June 2014 | Roads & Bridges

    Road Construction: Young is full of life

    Don Hammack, P.E.

    Don discusses the major improvements and innovative design features used to meet the ambitious schedule for a recently completed portion of the John Young Parkway/S.R. 423 interchange in Orange County as part of a Florida Department of Transportation design-build project.

  • May 2014 | PE Magazine

    The Engineering Blog

    Matthew McLaughlin

    As part of a discussion about how blogging has affected and advanced the professional services industry, Molly Wagner and Sam Miller describe it as a tool that can increase website visits, help form new business relationships, and is a great medium that engineers can use to share their body of work.

  • May 2014 | School Construction News

    Oklahoma School Builds Top-Level Tennis Complex

    Describes Dewberry's design of the world-class and award-winning Union Public Schools tennis facility, which features "eight competition courts, a training room, and a number of other top amenities rarely found at the high school level."

  • May 2014 | The Military Engineer

    Improving Electrical Service at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall

    Matt Thomas

    Matt details a challenging substation and transmission line project in northern Virginia that had to navigate through civil and military infrastructure along with more than a dozen local, state, and federal agencies on its way to completion.

  • Spring 2014 | Planners Network NYC

    Sustainable Stormwater Management Must Be a Part of Brownfield Redevelopment Projects

    Sara Margolis

    Sara explains how brownfield properties in New York City present an opportunity to resourcefully use space for a growing population, but there is a need for sustainable stormwater management solutions to help revitalize these communities.

  • Spring 2014 | ASHE Scanner

    Changes for the Better in Southern New Jersey

    Craig Johnson

    Craig Johnson discusses the challenges of, and solutions to, New Jersey's I-295/I-95/Route 42 Interchange, the most congested interchange in the southern portion of the state.

  • April 2014 | Commerce

    Environmental Business Report: In New Jersey, "Green" is Good

    Martin C. Daks

    Ileana Ivanciu explains how successful brownfield remediation programs are leading to residential development on once-contaminated New Jersey sites.

  • April 2014 | Above Ground Level

    Antenna Concealment: The Need for Creative Solutions

    Joanne Slaman

    Joanne Slaman explains why antenna concealment measures that mimic landscape elements should be explored among design professionals, manufacturers, and clients.

  • March 2014 | ENR New York

    Building Up Industry One Tower, One Bridge at a Time

    Esther D'Amico

    Craig Johnson and Gary Neuwerth contribute their thoughts on the current state of development in the tristate area.

  • March 2014 | Modern Healthcare

    Construction & Design Survey: Medical home model influences how designers build new offices

    Andis Robeznieks

    Architect Ken Duncan shares his expertise in Lean design methods, stating: "Small elements that create waste in a medical office can add up to a lot of time and money. Duncan advocates using Lean methods to design patient-centered care facilities that eliminate wasteful and inefficient processes."

  • February 2014 | iBi -

    Envisioning the Warehouse District

    Chris Waible

    Chris Waible, designer and business development director at Dewberry, explains how redeveloping a local warehouse district could improve quality of life for the surrounding community in Peoria.

  • February 2014 | School Construction News

    Green Schools Create New Meaning of Sustainability

    Audrey Arthur

    Amanda Voorhees, David Henebry, and Lidia Berger discuss how green school designs benefit student health and academic performance (courtesy of School Construction News).

  • Jaunary 2014 | Retrofit Magazine

    Laser Scans Help Return a Historic Courthouse to Grandeur

    Daniel Atilano and Brad Moser
    Daniel Atilano and Brad Moser describe how, with little historical information to guide them, their design team relied on laser scanning to assist in returning a courthouse to its original grandeur while providing modern upgrades.
  • January 2014 | Institute for Building Efficiency

    Sustainability Projects: Communicating Impacts To The Triple Bottom Line

    Lidia Berger
    National Sustainability Director Lidia Berger describes the challenge of communicating the business case for sustainability projects and the increasing trend of monetizing impacts to the triple bottom line of sustainability. Footage taken at the 2013 Greenbuild conference.
  • December 2013 | Digital Journal

    Beyond Employee Tuition Reimbursement: Who’s Investing in the Next Generation of Transportation Professionals?

    Transportation students and professionals are turning to other transportation-focused organizations for funding to further develop a skill through continuing education. A trend of private enterprises quietly investing in the industry's future thought leaders.

  • November 2013 | Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News

    ASHRAE Manual Focus: Hospital Design

    Joanna R. Turpin

    ASHRAE's newly published manual is based on the guidelines in Standard 170 and provides design recommendations for health care facilities with an emphasis on proven, cost-effective solutions that result in reduced infections, lower maintenance, and higher reliability.

  • Fall/Winter 2013 | Wrack Lines

    Strengthening Coastal Resilience through Green Infrastructure

    Antonio Federici, PWS
    Around the world - communities are adopting new and innovative approaches to stormwater management by re-introducing natural (green) systems into our surroundings. Green infrastructure is the use of vegetation, often complemented by other bio-engineering products, to serve as functional parts of our human environment.
  • Fall 2013 | NC Currents

    Emerging Contaminants: A Proactive Approach to Enhance Drinking Water Quality

    Mike Lutz and Marco Menendez

    Mike Lutz and Marco Menendez introduce a number of unregulated chemical contaminates that exist in raw water supplies and discuss how the Rueter-Hess Water Purification Facility is designed to proactively address the potential future regulation of such contaminates by eliminating most natural organic matter and synthetic organic chemicals from surface and groundwater sources to produce clean drinking water.

  • September 2013 | Engineering News-Record

    Top Mid-Atlantic Architecture and Engineering Firms Weigh In on the State of the Region

    Kurt Thompson explains how transportation, housing, infrastructure and other engineering focuses are evolving throughout the mid-Atlantic region.