• July/August 2015 | Transportation Builder

    U.S. Route 9/Woodbridge Township, New Jersey

    Brian J. Atkinson

    Brian Atkinson, senior structural engineer in our Bloomfield, New Jersey, office, explains how we used accelerated bridge construction techniques to extend the life of a bridge in a mile-long section of U.S. Route 9 in Woodbridge Township, New Jersey.

  • July/August 2015 | Correctional News

    Forecasting Future Inmate Population

    Meg Bower
    Meg Bower explains why data should be the driving force for correctional needs assessments and offers insights toward more accurate admissions forecasting.
  • July 2015 | civil + structural ENGINEER

    A Greener National Mall: Assessing the Business Case for a Multipurpose Infrastructure Solution

    Lidia Berger and Cody Pennetti
    Lidia Berger and Cody Pennetti discuss the business case for the proposed National Mall Underground containing a subterranean parking structure that will also be designed to operate as a stormwater detention system during major storm events.
  • June 2015 | Forbes

    Engineering New Ways to Serve Clients, the Greater Good

    Pam Townsend is featured in this profile of Dewberry in Forbes’ Southeast Women Business Leaders issue.

  • May 2015 | Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management

    Transforming Ecosystems: When, Where, and How to Restore Contaminated Sites

    Jason Rohr, Aida Farag, Marc Cadotte, William Clements, James Smith, Cheryl Ulrich, and Richard Woods

    Dewberry Senior Associate and Ecosystem Restoration Manager Cheryl Ulrich addresses when contaminated ecosystems should be restored, what should be restored, and where to restore based on a literature review conducted alongside Jason Rohr, Aida Farag, Marc Cadotte, William Clements, James Smith, and Richard Woods.

  • May 2015 | AWRA - Water Resources Impact

    Integrated Water Resources Management and the American Water Resources Association

    John Wells and Cheryl Ulrich

    Cheryl Ulrich introduces the AWRA's Integrated Water Resources Management Committee as an effort to coordinate planning, development, protection, and management of water, land, and related resources in a manner that fosters sustainable economic activity, improves or sustains environmental quality, ensures public health and safety, and provides for the sustainability of communities and ecosystems.

  • May 2015 | Athletic Business

    Feeling Good: What Campus Recreation Centers Can Learn From Wellness Facilities

    Tom Seymour and Anita Picozzi Moran
    Tom Seymour and Anita Picozzi Moran discuss the impact Mayo Clinic's Rochester, Minnesota, campus expansion has had on its non-traditional club members - citizens who are interested in participating in the clinic's wellness programs.
  • Spring 2015 | ASHE Scanner

    Advance ITS Technology Increases Safety, Aids Traffic Flow on Congested NJ Interchange

    Paul Menichelli

    Paul Menichelli explains how the Intelligent Transportation Systems being used along the Direct Connection project gives the New Jersey Department of Transportation the resources it needs to keep networks operating at an acceptable level of service during and after construction.

  • Spring 2015 | ArcNews

    A Plan for Cleaning Up Disaster Debris

    Matt Werner and Catherine Bohn

    Matt Werner of the City of Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management and Catherine Bohn describe how ArcGIS was used as part of the first comprehensive debris management plan put forth by the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in response to Hurricane Sandy.

  • March - April 2015 | Correctional News

    Making use of Correctional Data for Facility Planning

    Meg Bower

    Meg Bower explains why it is worthwhile to take a proactive approach to data collection and storage processes in order to improve the quality of future correctional facility analysis.

  • February 2015 | Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences

    Laying a Pathway for the Next-Generation Building Commissioning Provider

    Bill McMullen and Liz Fischer

    Bill McMullen and Liz Fisher explain how the Commercial Workforce Credentialing Council provides a foundation for the training of commissioning providers in order to consistently meet today's building challenges.

  • January 2015 | Building Operating Management

    9 Ways to Keep HVAC Projects on Track

    Robert Austin

    Robert Austin explains why facility managers who understand the source of HVAC upgrade complications are in the best position to prevent problems.

  • December 2014 | Capital Business

    Fairfax County's Boom Was Planned 50 Years Ago

    Sidney O. Dewberry and Linda Bartlett

    Sidney O. Dewberry and Linda Bartlett of Intelsat describe how Fairfax County's current success as a boomtown of economic development was planned more than 50 years ago.

  • November 2014 | The Northeast ONG Marketplace

    Why a Step-Wide Approach to Regulatory Compliance Minimizes Risks

    Steven Eget

    Using a New York City Transit project for reference, Steven explains how Dewberry's step-wise approach to support bus performance and emission compliance helped the client meet regulation standards with minimal impact to its operations.

  • November 2014 | Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News

    Hospitals Contemplate Airborne Infection

    Joanna R. Turpin

    Dan Koenigshofer is asked how hospitals can reduce transmitting infections through the air and explains how placing cleanroom-level HVAC systems in operating rooms can cut down on the likelihood of transmitting infections through skin-to-skin contact as well.

  • November 2014 |

    2014 Holiday Cookbook

    From our community to yours: Dewberry employees share their favorite family recipes in this 2014 holiday cookbook.

  • November-December 2014 | Correctional News

    Creating Family-Friendly Correctional Spaces

    Lindsey Coulter

    Meg Bower is asked about the benefits of creating less intimidating visitation areas in correctional facilities and explains how they can have a lasting positive impact on families after incarceration.

  • October 2014 | PE Magazine

    Dealing With Drought

    Danielle Boykin
    John Moynier is featured, describing how California is dealing with its third consecutive drought year in 2013, and what the state is doing now to respond to the driest conditions in 120 years.
  • August 2014 | First Coast Magazine

    The Osprey Takes Flight at UNF's Student Wellness Complex

    Christi Elflein

    A feature article on the University of North Florida’s LEED Gold® certified Student Wellness Complex, designed as part of a joint venture by Dewberry and Borrelli + Partners.

  • July-August 2014 | ARBTA

    Chimney Rock Road over I-287, Bridgewater, N.J.

    Richard C. Menino, P.E.

    Rick describes the process of an important bridge reconstruction that carries cars, pedestrians, and water, sanitary, gas, telephone, and electric lines over a major interstate in central New Jersey.