• December 2016 | LiDAR Magazine

    National Enhanced Elevation Assessment (NEEA)–Part 1: Project Management Plan

    Dr. David F. Maune

    In part 1 of this series, Associate Vice President Dave Maune explains how the National Enhanced Elevation Assessment (NEEA) was conducted.

  • October 2016 | LiDAR Magazine

    National Height System: Gravity vs. Geometry

    Dr. David F. Maune

    Associate Vice President Dave Maune touches on the history of national height systems and shares how, years from now, the lidar industry will be adjusting its processes to correctly use the refined gravimetric geoid model.

  • September 2016 | ASHE Scanner

    Central Florida Opens Four-level Interchange to Ensure Smoother Ride to Orlando International Airport

    Don Hammack and Ted Davidson

    Don Hammack discusses the design of the SR 417/Boggy Creek Road Interchange project, which is the first standard delivery project in the U.S. to incorporate curved precast concrete U-girders as the primary design.

  • September 2016 | Correctional News

    Correctional Rehabilitation: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse?

    Meg Bower

    Meg Bower addresses the importance of the rehabilitation of the country's inmate population.

  • September 2016 | MDPI

    Evaluation of Single Photon and Geiger Mode Lidar for the 3D Elevation Program

    Jason M. Stoker, Qassim A. Abdullah, Amar Nayegandhi, Jayna Winehouse

    Vice President Amar Nayegandhi collaborated on an article that discusses the evaluation of single photo and Geiger mode lidar for the U.S. Geological Survey's 3D Elevation Program.

  • September 2016 | The National Hydrologic Warning Council Transmission

    Using High-Resolution Ensemble Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts for Heavy Rainfall Prediction

    Dmitry Smirnov
    Dmitry Smirnov shares how high-resolution weather model ensembles can be used to improve operational flood threat guidance.
  • August 2016 | LiDAR Magazine

    LiDAR Products and Services for the USGS National Geospatial Program—Then and Now

    Dr. David F. Maune

    Associate Vice President Dave Maune discusses various U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) lidar product and service task orders for the National Geospatial Program, and the differences between then (1998) and now (2016).

  • August 2016 | Correctional News

    Finding a Solution: The New Mule Creek Infill Complex Helps the CDCR Meet Federal Mandates

    Jessie Fetterling

    The Mule Creek Infill Complex is featured as the facility of the month in this article by Correctional News. We served as the associate architect on this design-build project, responsible for housing design and security/technology.

  • July-August 2016 | The Military Engineer

    Becoming Better Partners with Industry

    Lt. Col. Cullen Jones

    Lt. Col. Cullen Jones shares insights he gained during his U.S. Army Training with Industry fellowship at Dewberry.

  • July 2016 | Environmental Science & Policy

    Risky business: Engaging the public on sea level rise and inundation

    Karen L. Akerlof, Katherine E. Rowan, Todd La Porte, Brian K. Batten, Howard Ernst, Dann M. Sklarew
    Dewberry's Brian Batten collaborated on a study that examined whether U.S. public opinion may become as sharply polarized on adaptation responses as it has been on mitigation policies. This article discusses the results from the study and the testing of the impact of a community deliberative event with small-group sea level rise discussions as a depolarization strategy.
  • July 2016 | Civil & Structural Engineer

    Creating Sustainable Green Space at UVA

    Devin Keeler

    Devin Keeler discusses Dewberry's role in the planning and design of the University of Virginia's irrigation, underdrains, new soil media, underground pump station, and underground meter vault for their new student recreation space.

  • July 2016 | The Military Engineer

    A Pioneering Approach to Water Treatment

    Mike Lutz and Alan Pratt

    Mike Lutz and Alan Pratt discuss the innovative approach used to solve the Parker Water and Sanitation District's growing demands with the Rueter-Hess Water Purification Facility.

  • June 2016 | Roads & Bridges

    Honoring the Past

    Steven Kuntz

    Dewberry's Associate Vice President Steven Kuntz had his article, "Honoring the Past," published in Roads & Bridges. The article discusses Dewberry's role in the design and construction of the new Freedmans Village Bridge, which replaced the deteriorated Washington Boulevard Bridge over Columbia Pike.

  • May 2016 | LiDAR Magazine

    FEMA's Romance with LiDAR

    Dr. David F. Maune
    Associate Vice President Dave Maune shares the timeline of lidar guidelines and specifications used for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood risk mapping projects.
  • May-June 2016 | The Military Engineer

    Education & Training News: Training With Industry

    Robert D. "Bob" Wolff

    Dewberry is featured for sponsoring two Department of Defense Training with Industry (TWI) participants, the first of whom split time between service departments, while the second is focusing on strategic planning.

  • May 2016 | North Carolina Construction News

    High Point Regional Hospital Received Carolina AGC Pinnacle Award for Best Building Project

    Bob Kruhm

    Associate Vice President and Senior Mechanical Engineer Don Burroughs contributes to this summary of High Point Regional Health Facility's major infrastructure improvement project, which received Carolina Associated General Contractors Pinnacle Award for Best Building Project Over $5 Million.

  • April 2016 | LiDAR Magazine

    We're all Topographic Engineers, with a Proud History

    Dr. David F. Maune

    In this article, Associate Vice President Dave Maune reviews the history of topographers, starting with the Corps of Discovery, which formed the Lewis and Clark expedition.

  • April 2016 | Civil Engineering

    Team Developing Marsh Restoration Database

    Kevin Wilcox

    Dewberry's Cheryl Ulrich, PE, is featured in, "Team Developing Marsh Restoration Database," an article that appeared on the Civil Engineering website on April 19, 2016. As part of the team hired by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), Dewberry will help examine the geographic characteristics, shoreline retreat rates, and dredging activities of St. Louis Bay, Back Bay Biloxi, and the Escatawpa/Pascagoula regions of the state. The team will help identify the most strategic and cost-effective sites for marsh restoration and living shoreline projects using a geographic information system (GIS) repository of data.

  • April 2016 | Civil + Structural Engineer

    Sustainability Professionals Operating at a Higher Level

    John Williams
    National Sustainability Director Lidia Berger is highlighted as a Rising Star for her efforts during the proposed planning stages of the National Mall Underground, a project that would address growing stormwater, flood control, and parking situations in Washington, D.C.
  • Spring 2016 | AAPA Seaports Magazine

    Seaports Maintenance and Modernization

    Kathy A. Smith

    Dewberry Vice President Rachel C. Vandenberg is featured in this article discussing the importance of land side operations and her holistic approach to ports as part of the broader cargo transportation industry.