• November 2017 | Roads & Bridges

    Weeding the Garden: NJTA Continues to Upgrade Historic Parkway

    Manuel Vera Caraballo and Lamis Malak

    Associate Manuel Vera Caraballa and senior highway engineer Lamis Malak discuss the New Jersey Turnpike Authority's continued upgrading of the 172-mile Garden State Parkway, including two new mainline bridges and major structural rehabilitation.

    [Note: This article was corrected in the online version of Roads & Bridges to correctly note the client as the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA)] 

  • October 2017 | Engineered Systems

    HVAC Systems in Hospitals

    Dan Koenigshofer and Pavel Likhonin
    In this Engineered Systems article, Dan Koenigshofer and Pavel Likhonin provide an overview of the standards used by engineers to design HVAC systems in hospitals and address two design priorities: air quality and comfort.
  • October 2017 | Roads & Bridges

    Heading West

    Ronald Jakominich
    Associate Vice President Ronald Jakominich gives an update on the Dulles Corridor Metrorail project Phase 2.
  • October 2017 | Consulting-Specifying Engineer

    Building Efficient Colleges and Universities

    John Teeter

    John Teeter discusses current trends and those yet to come in the design of college and university structures; the challenges he faces when designing college and university facilities; and the unique elements when retrofitting such facilities.

  • Fall 2017 | Licensed Architects

    What Industrial and Institutional Clients Want: Architects Discuss Trends

    In this Licensed Architects article, Brian Meade discusses the latest trends for institutional and industrial design projects.

  • September 2017 | Engineering, Inc.

    Eye on the Storm

    Samuel Greengard

    Senior Vice President John Boulé is quoted in this Engineering, Inc. article discussing the role engineering firms have played in repairing and rebuilding infrastructure after Hurricane Sandy devastated the Atlantic Coast, and how a culture of resilience has started to form.

  • September 2017 | civil + structural ENGINEER

    Protecting Florida's Springs

    Debby Preble
    In this civil + structural ENGINEER article, Senior Associate Debby Preble addresses the significance of Florida’s freshwater springs and discusses the various spring restoration projects we’re involved in.
  • September 2017 | Roads & Bridges

    Chain Island: New Route Connects Poinciana to Other Key Parts of Florida

    Kevin Knudsen
    In this Roads & Bridges article, Vice President Kevin Knudsen discusses our role on the Poinciana Parkway design-build project, and addresses the challenges of designing and constructing this 10-mile roadway network in Poinciana, Florida. Click here to read the article on Roads & Bridges' website.
  • September 2017 | Journal of the New England Water Works Association

    Bringing New Life to an Old Supply, One Well at a Time

    Peter Calderazzo
    Senior project manager Peter Calderazzo and Christopher Kilbridge discuss the replacement of failing wells in the Town of North Attleborough, Massachusetts, using innovative approaches to satellite well locations.
  • August 2017 | NC Currents

    The Future of Water Reuse and Population Growth

    Amir Hadjimiry

    In this NC Current’s article, Amir Hadjimiry discusses the importance of developing long-term, sustainable conservation methods for water in order to meet the inevitable high demands of the growing global population.

  • July 2017 | The Police Chief

    Public Safety Facility Design Requires a Careful Balance of Security and Hospitality

    Scott Harris

    Associate Principal Brian Meade contributed to this The Police Chief magazine article, discussing the unique planning process for public safety buildings and the benefits of working with a full services practice.

  • June 2017 | Penal Reform International

    Prisons and the Mentally Ill: Why Design Matters

    Dr. Marayca López and Laura Maiello-Reidy

    Bruce Henley, AIA, LEED AP and Meg Bower, MPA, AICP, LEED AP BD+C contributed to this report published by Penal Reform International and written by Dr. Marayca López and Laura Maiello-Reidy. The report explains how prison design can significantly improve the living conditions of mentally ill inmates, and discusses our work on the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center Expansion.

  • June 2017 | LiDAR Magazine

    Topo-Bathymetric Lidar on the Springs Coast of Florida

    Alvin Karlin, Amar Nayegandhi, and James F. Owens

    Vice President Amar Nayegandhi is a contributor in this LiDAR Magazine article, describing how we collaborated with Southwest Florida Water Management District to collect and process topobathymetric lidar data for a portion of the Kings Bay/Three Sisters spring system in Citrus County, Florida, to help determine the volume of material, algae, muck, and debris to be removed from King’s Bay.

  • May 2017 | LiDAR Magazine

    Combating Climate Change Effects of El Niño

    Elise MacPherson and Jillian Baylor

    Elise MacPherson and Jillian Baylor discuss how our geospatial team produced and processed new elevation models for the West Coast to update current federal topographical maps that are out-of-date due to the effects El Niño has had on ground conditions.

  • March/April 2017 | The Military Engineer

    Remapping the Atlantic Coastline

    Amar Nayegandhi

    Vice President Amar Nayegandhi discusses how we collected and processed 1,200 square miles of topobathymetric lidar data along the East Coast to enable accurate, consistent measurement of shoreline and nearshore elevation data following the extensive beach and dune erosion caused by Superstorm Sandy.

  • March/April 2017 | LiDAR Magazine

    National Enhanced Elevation Assessment (NEEA)–Part 3: The Cost-Benefit Analysis Process

    Dr. David F. Maune

    In part three of this series, Associate Vice President Dave Maune discusses how we conducted the cost-benefit analysis process of the National Enhanced Elevation Assessment (NEEA).

  • February 2017 | STRUCTURE magazine

    Restoring New Haven's East Rock Road Bridge

    Thomas Strnad
    Senior Project Manager Thomas Strnad, PE, discusses the rehabilitation of the East Rock Road Bridge in New Haven, Connecticut, in this STRUCTURE magazine article.
  • 1st Quarter 2017 | Climate Change Business Journal

    Dewberry Forecasts Continued Growth in Resilience Market

    Executive Vice President Michael Walsh, Associate Vice President Mat Mampara, and Senior Coastal Scientist Brian Batten forecast the continued growth in the resilience market in this Climate Change Business Journal Q&A.

  • January 2017 | Roads & Bridges

    Flying into Orlando

    Don Hammack

    Associate Vice President Don Hammack discusses the SR 417/Boggy Creek Road Interchange project, which has improved traffic conditions and created direct access to the Orlando International Airport.

  • January 2017 | LiDAR Magazine

    Why ASPRS is Key to Geospatial Professional Development

    Dr. David F. Maune

    Associate Vice President Dave Maune describes how his active participation in the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing has been a key to his career success.