• September 2009 | InterBusiness Issues

    Creating Meaningful Futures: Involvement of Families and Businesses Can Make a Difference in Education

    Paul Kouri, AIA

    Importance of parent and business involvement in a child's education and how the Peoria, Illinois, community is contributing.

  • July 2009 | CE News

    Site/Civil Technology Automation

    David Palumbo, PE

    How Dewberry's in-house focus group established a process to evaluate software solutions to unify operations and adopt modern site/civil design tools.

  • May 2009 | Building Operating Management

    How One Hospital Improved Its Emergency Cooling Plan

    Dan Koenigshofer, PE, MSPH

    When expanding and upgrading hospital facilities, review of power and cooling systems should include a focus on emergency power planning.

  • May 2009 | Structure

    The Road to Code Acceptance for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

    Keith Itzler
  • May 2009 | Roads & Bridges Magazine

    Do-Over the Rainbow

    Michael P. Sears, PE

    Emergency repairs restore this damaged bridge in the townships of Pittsgrove and Salem County, New Jersey, ahead of schedule.

  • March 2009 | AIA/DC News

    "About the Cover" and "Member News" in AIA/DC News

    Design of the Ashburn Library, Ashburn, Virginia, and the Thurmont Regional Library, Frederick County, Maryland, are featured. Courtesy of the Washington Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

  • March/April 2009 | Healthcare Construction & Operations

    Safety & Security: Oklahoma Forensic Center Provides Secure Healthcare Environment

    Healther Larson
    Dewberry's James M. Matarelli, AIA, and Gregory D. Markert, AIA, are quoted in this Facility of the Month feature. The 200-bed forensic center is a state-of-the art facility housing patients deemed incompetent to stand trial.
  • 2009 | Justice Facilities Review

    2009 Justice Facilities Review

    American Institute of Architects

    Design of the Metropolitan Courthouse in Nashville, Tennessee, received an American Institute of Architects certificate and is published on page 36 of the Justice Facilities Review.

  • Winter-Spring 2009 | The Professional Engineer

    Designed to Save Lives

    How a Dewberry-designed combat vehicle operator's training course is helping to prepare Marines and boost confidence.

  • 2009 | The National Academies Press

    Mapping the Zone: Improving Flood Map Accuracy

    The National Research Council has released a report on the accuracy of flood maps by the National Research Council of the National Academies, Committee on FEMA Flood Maps, Board on Earth Sciences and Resources/Mapping Science Committee, and Water Science and Technology Board

    Dewberry's Dave Maune, PhD, CP, CFM, was on the Committee on FEMA Flood Maps, and Stephanie Dunham, PE, and Jerry Sparks, PE, CFM, are acknowledged for supporting computations.

  • October 2008 | Point of Beginning

    A FIRM Grasp of GIS

    Matt Freeman

    While many firms are beginning to employ modern GIS software "out of the box" to manage spatial information more efficiently and enhance their mapmaking capabilities, Dewberry leverages advanced capabilities to create electronic maps that can be used as tools to analyze trends, conduct "what-ifs," and provide input into decision-making processes related to land use and development.

  • September 2008 | InterBusiness Issues

    Build Green and Build Value

    Ray Lees

    Sustainable building makes good business sense.

  • September 2008 |

    A Simple Equation for Predicting the PMF Peak Flow Generated by the 5-point Distribution PMP

    Kaveh Zomorodi, PhD, PE, CFM

    The 24-hour NRCS "5-point" rainfall distribution is considered a valid alternative PMP distribution for many NRCS dams and is expected to become an acceptable PMP distribution in many jurisdictions.

  • August 2008 | American School & University

    A Vision for Growth

    J. Thomas Seymour, AIA

    Expanding an education campus within established neighborhoods requires creativity and engagement.

  • July 2008 | "Hello Washington" on Voice of America

    Bangladesh: Rivers and Water Problems

    Shameem Chawdhury

    Dewberry's Dr. Khondker, PE, speaks about Bangladesh's river and water problems on the international broadcasting service, Voice of America.

  • April 2008 |

    Evaluation of Sea Level Rise for FEMA Flood Insurance Studies: Magnitudes and Time-Frame of Relevance

    Brian K. Batten, Mat Mampara, Long Xu, Paul Weberg

    This study investigates whether current and anticipated rates of sea level rise are relevant to the National Flood Insurance Program considering current product lifecycles.

  • March 2008 | Environmental Design + Construction

    Environmental Magnet

    Dewberry's system design work of the Environmental Magnet School in New Haven, Connecticut, is featured.

  • 2008 |

    A Logical Approach To Roadway Lighting Design

    M.G. ElGazzar

    The roadway lighting design process is so complexity that a logical and systematic approach is needed. This paper describes one approach using a flow chart as a guiding tool, with careful attention to critical points in making decisions, quality control, and budgeting time and resources.

  • October 2007 |

    Low Pressure Sewer System For Affluent Existing Neighborhood

    Jeff Chapin, PE
    Located in Fairfax County, Virginia, the River Oaks subdivision consists of 114 existing single family dwelling units with individual septic tank drainfields. To prevent health and environmental issues associated with failing drainfields (as determined by the Fairfax County Health Department), a wastewater collection system was installed to convey wastewater to a nearby County's integrated sewer system.
  • September 2007 | The Metal Initiative

    Tiered, Steel Roof Softens Profile of New Police Training Center

    Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Training Center (CLEET) is featured in this article which highlights the use of a zinc grey, multi-tiered steel roof.