• March 2008 | Environmental Design + Construction

    Environmental Magnet

    Dewberry's system design work of the Environmental Magnet School in New Haven, Connecticut, is featured.

  • 2008 |

    A Logical Approach To Roadway Lighting Design

    M.G. ElGazzar

    The roadway lighting design process is so complexity that a logical and systematic approach is needed. This paper describes one approach using a flow chart as a guiding tool, with careful attention to critical points in making decisions, quality control, and budgeting time and resources.

  • October 2007 |

    Low Pressure Sewer System For Affluent Existing Neighborhood

    Jeff Chapin, PE
    Located in Fairfax County, Virginia, the River Oaks subdivision consists of 114 existing single family dwelling units with individual septic tank drainfields. To prevent health and environmental issues associated with failing drainfields (as determined by the Fairfax County Health Department), a wastewater collection system was installed to convey wastewater to a nearby County's integrated sewer system.
  • September 2007 | The Metal Initiative

    Tiered, Steel Roof Softens Profile of New Police Training Center

    Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Training Center (CLEET) is featured in this article which highlights the use of a zinc grey, multi-tiered steel roof.

  • July 2007 | Professional Surveyor Magazine

    Standing DFIRM

    Zekrollah Momeni, PE, CFM, and Kedrick Logsdon, Jr.

    To handle the challenges of increased work and decentralized staffing, Dewberry developed GeoFIRM—a GIS-based approach to hazard engineering and mapping that relies on technology and automation to produce DFIRMs out of a centralized spatial database or geodatabase. Displayed with permission. Copyright 2007 by Reed Business Geo, Inc.

  • July 2007 | PE Magazine

    Open for Business: PEs Stress Careful Planning When Starting New Offices

    Tim McCormick, PE, CFM

    How successful engineering firms have met the challenges of expanding geographically and building a local presence.

  • May 2007 | Metal Architecture

    Recreational Architecture

    Kristy Elder

    Description of how metal was an important aesthetic feature in the design of the East Campus Recreation Center for the University of Illinois at Chicago.

  • May/June 2007 | Correctional News

    Framing the Problem - Use a Broader Approach to Alleviate Overcrowding

    Margaret S. Bower

    Options for alleviating the issue of jail crowding.

  • May 2007 | Better Roads Magazine

    Pentagon Bypass Wins Design-Build Award

    Ruth W. Stidger

    Recently recognized by the Design-Build Institute of America for outstanding transportation design, the Virginia Route 110 design-build project is featured in this article about combining security with good design.

  • Spring 2007 | Marine Technology Society Journal, 41(1): 7-17

    History of Coastal Inundation Models

    William G. Massey, Jeffrey W. Gangai, Elena Drei-Horgan, Kevin J. Slover

    The development and implementation of numerical models allows natural events (hurricanes, Nor'easters, winter storms, and tsunamis) to be replicated so potential effects can be known and lives and property protected. This paper highlights the models' function and application as forecasting, planning, warning and monitoring tools, while detailing the chronological development of coastal inundation models.

    This article is for personal use only, and should not be copied or distributed in any format.

  • March 2007 | The American Surveyor

    Surveyors Report: Interesting Times Ahead

    Joseph W. Betit

    Overview of surveying trends.

  • January 2007 | APWA Reporter

    Mutual Aid During Disasters: EMAC is Reaching Out to Public Works

    Laurence W. Zensinger

    Emergency Management Assistance Compact's (EMAC) role in a public emergency and how the mutual aid compact is taking steps to be more effective in times of need.

  • 2007 | BE Magazine (Bentley), Volume 4, Issue 4

    Courting Success - BIM Marshals Multiple Disciplines for Federal Courthouse Design Synchronicity

    Design of the new U.S. Courthouse in Rockford, Illinois.

  • November 2006 | Virginia Town and City

    Regional Backbone Initiative Network Opens Across Southside

    Darren Conner

    Overview of the unique public-private initiative, the Regional Backbone Initiative Network; a 700-mile open-access telecommunications infrastructure across southern Virginia.

  • October 2006 |

    Municipal Wastewater Pump Station Design Problems and Solutions

    Jeff Chapin
    The growth of the Northern Virginia area around Washington D.C. has resulted in numerous new wastewater pumping stations and the upgrade and expansion of existing pump stations, presenting practical problems and solutions.
  • September 2006 |

    Stormwater Utilty Report: North Carolina Communities

    Report (data obtained through websites and phone interviews) of North Carolina communities that currently have stormwater utilities to identify trends in the establishment of rates and rate structures.

  • August 2006 | New York Real Estate Journal

    Agency Know-How Can Streamline the Development Process

    Orlando Miquel, Jr.

    The benefits of involving civil engineers early on in the planning process of a development project.

  • August 2006 | Bridges Magazine

    The Balancing Act: Seismic Assessment and Design

    Andy Ko, PhD, PE

    It is imperative that engineers safeguard their clients' budgets and public safety by applying sound engineering judgment regarding the application of seismic codes. When addressing a seismic retrofit, owners and engineers must explore a balanced approach to the design that considers the overall performance of the bridge, the types of seismic events that are likely to occur, and the appropriateness of the retrofit recommendations.

  • July 2006 | Homeland Protection Professional

    Last Line of Defense

    Douglas Page

    The Jack Evans Police Headquarters in Dallas, Texas, is used as an example of how building design can contribute to homeland security.

  • March/April 2006 | Revitalization Magazine

    Riverfront Revitalization

    James Kemper

    Renovation of the 401 Water Street building.