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I've recently been selected as Colorado State University (CSU)-Global's Board of Governor's Student Representative. CSU-Global is a 100 percent online public university offering innovative higher learning opportunities for nontraditional students and working adults. In this role, I will serve a one-year term and attend board meetings, participate in board committees, and provide updates to board members regarding CSU-Global from a student's perspective.

 Learning Curve

Representing Students

I am very passionate about helping other students achieve their full professional potential. As president of the Society of Women Engineers' (SWE) Rocky Mountain section, a group I've been involved with since 2007, I've learned that one of the best ways to influence the professional trajectory of underrepresented demographics is to make an impact at the higher education level.

My new position as a member of the Colorado State University System's Board of Governors allows me to raise the profile of underrepresented student issues – giving them a voice that may otherwise go unnoticed. Representing the university as part of the board means that I have direct access to the leaders of the institution as a liaison between student interests and university decision makers.

Where the Experience Adds Value to my Professional Growth

I'm taking this opportunity to gain as much perspective as possible. Getting face time with the leaders of a public university system is invaluable to my professional growth, especially as I'm starting to be given more project management roles.

It's important that every student, every woman, every man, has access to opportunities like higher education, a professional organization like SWE, and a supportive company that values professional development and champions higher education. This appointment is proof that those who want to be in a position to make a difference, can.

  • Megan Schulze
    Megan Schulze
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