• 5.01.2014

    Is the U.S. Seeing a Dramatic Shift in the Face of Retail?

    Contributed by Brian Bradner

    If you've stepped foot into a retail store in the past five years, you've probably seen a major shift in the floor ...
  • 4.24.2014

    Fresh Ideas: CTCA’s Organic Farm

    Contributed by Dave Huey

    Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) has developed a strong reputation for innovative, patient-centered care since its establishment in 1988. For well ...
  • 4.16.2014

    Two Years Ago, This Land Didn’t Exist

    Contributed by Jerri Daniels and Maury Chatellier

    It's a very exciting time on an uninhabited stretch of coastal marshland approximately two-and-a-half miles from Louisiana's Jefferson Canal landing near the ...
  • 4.10.2014

    Inside the Minds of Our Architects

    Contributed by Jim Draheim, Melissa Bennett, Jim Beight, and Doug Pfeiffer

    It's no secret that young architects have big dreams. It's also no secret that the responsibility to nurture those who reach for ...
  • 4.03.2014

    No Time to Lose: Mapping the State of Alaska

    Contributed by Dave Maune

    In January 2008 I visited Alaska for the first time and had the opportunity to brief members of the Alaska Statewide Digital ...
  • 3.27.2014

    Bringing STEM Education to the Underrepresented

    Contributed by Pam Townsend

    While 26 percent of U.S. students took Algebra I before high school in 2009, only 12 percent of African American students and ...
  • 3.20.2014

    Sustainability in the Job Corps

    Contributed by Bill Wood and Laurel McGinley

    In a 13-year joint venture, Dewberry was part of team of architects and engineers who provided total facility program management for more ...
  • 3.13.2014

    Water is an Invisible Utility

    Contributed by John Moynier

    In the 21st century, people rarely think about where their water comes from. When we turn the tap, we expect that water ...
  • 3.10.2014

    How Can Surveying Reduce Power Industry Security Risks

    Contributed by Max Chance and Dan Williams

    Power industry security measures are heavily influenced by the surrounding topography...
  • 3.06.2014

    Evaluating Community Resiliency and Recovery

    Contributed by Ken Logsdon, Jr.

    It's been a decade of high-visibility disasters, and they've brought the topic of resiliency to the forefront of local conversations. To their ...
  • 3.03.2014

    Making the Most of Every Opportunity

    Contributed by John Gibson

    I've been in the surveying industry for nearly 25 years, and more than 18 of those were spent in Southeast Michigan, near ...
  • 2.20.2014

    Collaboration and Creativity: The Best of Design-Build

    Contributed by Dan Pleasant, COO and Dave Mahoney

    Last week's blog, "Look Before You Leap: Pursuing Design-Build," addressed a number of significant issues to consider when assembling a ...
  • 2.13.2014

    Look Before You Leap: Pursuing Design-Build

    Contributed by Dan Pleasant, COO

    As a COO of a professional consulting and design firm, I'm often intrigued by the decision-making process inherent in pursuing major design-build ...
  • 2.06.2014

    How to Encourage Floodplain Map Adoption into Law

    Contributed by Andrew Martin

    There are two major measurements of success that floodplain mapping professionals deal with. The first is the actual creation of the maps, ...
  • 1.30.2014

    How Much Money Could a Nationwide LiDAR Map Save?

    Contributed by Dave Maune

    In April of 2013, Sasha Reed of Building Design + Construction magazine wrote an article on implementing futuristic AEC technologies, like BIM, ...
  • 1.23.2014

    Clean Water... In the Amazon!

    Contributed by Gabe Stonebraker

    In 2012, I became heavily involved with an organization at George Mason University called Engineers for International Development (EfID). The ...
  • 1.16.2014

    Hospitals are the Backstop of Natural Disasters

    Contributed by Chuck Worthy

    The Colorado floods of 2013. The Rim Fire. Hurricane Sandy. The Joplin tornadoes. Snowmageddon. That's the list of natural disasters that come ...
  • 1.09.2014

    Celebrating 20 Years of Dewberry Telecom Services

    Contributed by Greg Nawrotzki and Patrick P. Barry

    Happy New Year! This year marks 20 years of Dewberry telecommunications services. Personally, we've been in this industry since Verizon was Bell ...
  • 1.02.2014

    The Cloud On-Demand: Scale It As You Need It

    Contributed by Jeff Poplin

    Across the U.S., more and more public-sector agencies are discovering the benefits of the cloud as a critical infrastructure tool. This technology ...
  • 12.26.2013

    Giving Back to the Communities We Call Home

    Contributed by Lisa Cochran

    In one of our holiday videos this year, we asked kids, "What is community?" Not surprisingly for a bright bunch of youngsters, ...
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