• 6.16.2016

    Personal Engagement and Leadership

    Contributed by Lt. Col. Cullen Jones

    During my Training with Industry fellowship, one of the things I have been most impressed and inspired by is the quality of ...
  • 6.09.2016

    Healthcare Design: Solving a Good Puzzle

    Contributed by Yvonne Elias, AIA, RID

    Five years ago, on my first day on the job with Dewberry, I attended a planning meeting at the Cancer Treatment Centers ...
  • 6.02.2016

    Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Tips

    Contributed by Melissa Whitney

    Organizations managing disasters have a mission to provide recovery services to individuals impacted by the disaster event. As a large number of ...
  • 5.26.2016

    Flying Across the Map to Redefine the Vertical Datum

    Contributed by Elise MacPherson

    All across the continental U.S. there are various points that collectively determine gravity measurements. This data makes up what's known as the ...
  • 5.19.2016

    Planning for Port Resilience

    Contributed by Michael Walsh

    I recently had the opportunity to participate in the 2016 Critical Infrastructure Symposium, sponsored by the Society for American Military Engineers (SAME) ...
  • 5.12.2016

    Keeping the Lights on at the University of Virginia

    Contributed by Devin Keeler

    Imagine you're leading a potentially groundbreaking medical research project and nearing the end of a multi-hour culture observation taking place in an ...
  • 5.05.2016

    It Only Takes One: Hurricane Preparedness

    Contributed by William Massey

    It only takes one storm to change your life and community. The theme of this year’s Hurricane Preparedness Week, along with the ...
  • 4.28.2016

    Building the Poinciana Parkway over Miles of Swampland

    Contributed by Kevin Knudsen

    South of Orlando in Osceola County, Florida, lies the development of Poinciana. A retirement community founded in the 1960s, it was designed ...
  • 4.21.2016

    LEED v4: New Standards for Sustainability

    Contributed by Theresa Mozinski

    Physical place is not just about a building, it's about that building's environment, the natural environment that surrounds it, and the resources ...
  • 4.14.2016

    A Theoretical Blueprint for the Next Evolution of Urban Courthouses

    Contributed by Michael LeBoeuf and Chris Getz

    Courthouses are iconic. Steadfast, just, and timeless, courthouses are the only buildings from the three branches of government that...
  • 4.07.2016

    Connecting the Data: What Asset Management Can Do for Utilities

    Contributed by Rishi Immanni

    Utility companies manage incredible amounts of facility information, inventory, and tangible assets. Recently, they have been increasing their mobile offerings to consumers, ...
  • 3.31.2016

    Standing Tall in the Harshest Environments

    Contributed by Beth Smyre

    The 2.4-mile, 5,000-car-per-day Herbert C. Bonner Bridge in North Carolina is a feat of engineering. Located in the highest risk area for ...
  • 3.24.2016

    Retracing History: Honoring Surveyors

    Contributed by Adam Hales

    Surveyors who originally crossed the U.S. looked a lot different than the modern surveyor. These frontiersmen carried survival equipment along with their ...
  • 3.17.2016

    Coastal Resilience Planning in Connecticut

    Contributed by Scott Choquette and Sarah Hamm

    On October 29, 2012, Branford, Madison, and Milford, Connecticut, were hit by Superstorm Sandy. In Milford alone, more than 2,000 homes were ...
  • 3.10.2016

    What You Should Know About Groundwater

    Contributed by Glenn Pearson

    From coast to coast, we serve numerous public and private clients that rely on clean groundwater. Unfortunately, what we’ve observed through our ...
  • 3.03.2016

    Engineering with Emerging Drone Technology

    Contributed by Stephen Franks

    I recently attended a training about pairing an emerging technology, drone imagery, with Esri’s ArcGIS mapping platform. What’s exciting about this combination ...
  • 2.25.2016

    Celebrating Our Engineers

    Contributed by Mark Pearson, Lorraine Pennino, Scott Ehrhardt, Anna Vanderhoof, Justin Fries, and Glenn Pearson

    National Engineers Week has been celebrated since 1951 when it was started by the National Society of Professional Engineers. The week is ...
  • 2.18.2016

    Coastal Modeling: Virtual Simulations with Real-Life Resilience Outcomes

    Contributed by Jeff Gangai

    Last year was the third anniversary of Superstorm Sandy and the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, events that have forever changed the ...
  • 2.11.2016

    A Critical Moment for Our Wildfire Risk Model

    Contributed by Laurel McGinley

    In 2015, a Dewberry team of engineers, planners, and geospatial analysts developed a tool to aid communities, state and federal agencies, and ...
  • 2.04.2016

    FEMA Flood Map Regulatory Process: What You Should Know

    Contributed by Seng Chan

    As a contractor for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), my role is to ensure that communities receive proper due process when ...
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