We recognize that libraries mean many things to many people. Our library portfolio includes buildings that reflect a deep commitment to community and culture, state-of-the-art research facilities, and iconic buildings that are true destinations.

National Expertise Designing Both Public and Academic Libraries

We offer national expertise in the design of public and academic library environments. Our professionals serve on American Library Association committees and expert design panels; present at local, state, and national conferences; and contribute to a variety of library publications. We enjoy many successful and long-standing relationships with communities and academic institutions.

Our Library Projects Are Built From Real Collaboration

Our design concepts are driven by programmatic needs, operational and user relationships, and the dynamics of the user experience. Our needs-based design approach is collaborative and inclusive, involving library staff, user groups, and the community. This process helps define opportunities and challenges, and provides valuable perspectives for developing thematic and specialized program areas for children, teens, and adults.